New restrictions on Greek borders

New restrictions on Greece's land borders to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the north. Mobilize private clinics and doctors for patients with Covid-19. The expected lifting of austerity measures in early December is unlikely to materialize.

As of today, only Greeks and citizens of European countries are allowed to cross the Kulata-Promahon border crossing. The requirement for a negative coronavirus test as well as an address code continues.

Everyone must have a quick border test and, depending on the result, they are allowed to enter the country from 7 am to 11 pm.

The restrictions do not affect truck drivers. Greek authorities have detected the entry of seasonal workers with false negative tests for Covid-19 across the border with Albania, leading to an even stricter land border crossing policy.

In northern Greece, despite the quarantine, the rate of infection with the virus is very high - 2000 cases in just two days in Thessaloniki.

"The lifting of the December 1 quarantine is unrealistic," a government spokesman said. Two private clinics for patients with Covid-19 have already been mobilized in Thessaloniki. The opposition is pushing for full mobilization of all private hospitals. readiness to mobilize all private doctors in northern Greece.

Drama, Kavala, Pella and Larissa are currently the areas with an increased spread of the infection.